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Filtration Solutions Inc (FSI) distributes and manufactures filtration products and systems in a number of filtration disciplines providing solutions. Thermal filters website is focused on addressing the filtration needs and requirements for applications which involve the generation of heat (thermal) with the need to reduce air borne particulate contamination (which has a negative impact on either the equipment or the application).

Combustion air systems are used for equipment such as industrial ovens, heat treat furnaces, process furnaces and boilers, reducing the particulate in the combustion air supply reduces equipment maintenance pertaining unit burner(s), keeping the burner assemblies cleaner, along with allowing for the system to operate as intended.

The specific filtration solution required for these thermal application vary widely, from the interchanging original equipment manufacture products to one of FSI’s products, to a system or filter redesign address specific applications requirements.

Process blowers: used in, ovens, curing or drying tunnels, and have specific application requirements based on the products being produced. FSI can meet these application challenges with products and systems design to work in these higher thermal applications.

Electrical and electronic equipment: The accumulation of ambient or process air particulate, and mist on internal components reduces life and/or results in components malfunctions due to temperature (thermal) increases, while in some case posing a fire risk. Filtration Solutions thermal filters product line address these conditions for both the thermal and particulate conditions.

Filtration Solutions Inc thermal filter interchanges for combustion air intakes meet or exceed the OEM specification or actual performance for efficiency, differential clean pressure, and dirt holding capacity.

FSI is application driven applying the filtration necessary to meet the demanding challenges for the system. Applications and filtration requirement are dynamic so gives us your toughest challenges.

TIP Your equipment will operate to its intended performance best when the combustion air filter is maintained to OEM specifications...Read more

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